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RU Ready to Farm

Extension Education

Brendon Pearsall
Senior Program Coordinator
Rutgers Cooperative Extension


The Rutgers Beginner Farmer Training Program is
addressing the continuing viability of the agriculture industry in
New Jersey by providing resources and training for new farmers.
The average age of farmers in New Jersey is approaching 60
years old, and many growers do not have a succession plan or a
next generation to take over the farm. The goal of our program is
to provide the necessary training and networking to increase the
chances of success for new farmers. This is accomplished
through a three- phase program. Phase 1 includes on-line
training, classroom instruction, and field trips to successful small
farms. In phase 2, participants plan, grow, and distribute 50 CSA
farm shares to customers. In phase 3, our team provides support
for participants to secure their own land or work with
experienced successful farmers. To date, 86 participants have
completed phase 1 of the program. This project has generated
$70,000 back into our program through fees and farm sales. As
a result of the program, there are 9 active farmers growing on 80
acres and 8 established farms that have employed program
participants. Pre- and post-program surveys and structured
interviews indicate that 90% of participants had a significant
increase in knowledge and skills because of the program. A Word
Press website and Canvas platform were developed to provide
educational information and resources.

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Authors: Brendon Pearsall, William Hlubik, William Errickson, Lauren Errickson, Linnea Eberly, Alex Sawatzky
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