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Exploration of Industrial Hemp for Fiber and Seed Oil Production

Applied Research

Jerry Clark
Division of Extension UW-Madison


     The purpose of this study was to investigate industrial hemp variety performance for fiber and grain production and determine optimum economic nitrogen application rates. Interest in industrial hemp increased in Wisconsin due to recent legalization of the crop. No current research existed to assist farmers with decisions regarding variety selection and nitrogen application management. Trials were established in Buffalo County, Chippewa County and Monroe County at Whirling Thunder Farm with the Ho-Chunk Nation. Eight varieties were planted in 2021 and 2022 at all three locations to determine fiber dry matter yield performance and grain yield. Results of the variety trials were variable in production between sites but did give some clear indications of higher performing varieties measured by yield of total biomass and stem biomass per acre. Grain yield data was harvested at one location over the two years. No relationship was determined between fiber and grain yield among the eight varieties investigated. The nitrogen application rate trial plots received 0, 40, 80, or 120 pounds of nitrogen at planting. The trial was a replicated complete-block design. Yield response was highly variable and did indicate a trend in nitrogen needed by the crop. Two varieties were used for the nitrogen trial. Field days were held as outreach programs to provide information and results of the project. Ninety-seven farmers and participants attended field days at the three locations.

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Authors: Jerry Clark, Carl Duley, Kaitlyn Davis, William Halfman, Tina Brown, Shelby Ellison
  1. Clark, J. AGRICULTURE AGENT, Division of Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 54724
  2. Duley, C. Agriculture Educator, Division of Extension University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin, 54610
  3. Davis, K. Agriculture Outreach Specialist, Division of Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 54601
  4. Halfman, W. Agriculture Outreach Specialist, Division of Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 54724
  5. Brown, T. Executive Director, Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin, 54615
  6. Ellison, S. Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 53706