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Extension Education

Wm. Bruce Clevenger
Associate Professor and Field Specialist, Farm Management
Ohio State University Extension


Ohio State University Extension professionals have taught computerized farm recordkeeping workshops for over 20 years.  Quicken® software has been used in hands-on workshops to provide farm managers an option to transition paper ledger systems to computerized systems and/or switch from other software/spreadsheets.  Since 2010, 147 farmers completed two-session workshops.  A 2013 post-workshop survey was sent to 2010-2012 farms that participated in the workshops (n=56).  Survey respondents (68%) are using Quicken for farm and/or home financial management and indicated they (80%) improved their understanding about their farm income and expenses, cash flow needs, or profit/loss of farm enterprises as a result of the workshop.  Respondents (20%) have contacted OSU Extension following the workshop for Quicken assistance.  In 2014, a post-pre evaluation instrument was used with workshop participants (n=47) to report knowledge gained. On the scale, 1 equals poor knowledge and 5 equals excellent knowledge.  The 2014 workshop participants gained knowledge about How to Use Quicken for Farm Records (1.4 pre to 3.9 post), Using Quicken to Keep Family/Personal Records (1.5 pre to 3.8 post), and How to Use Quicken Tags to Track Production (1.2 pre to 3.8 post).  For 2014, 79% of participants (n=37) were not currently using Quicken compared to 21% (n=10) were using Quicken.  For those not using Quicken, 61% (n=23) indicate they will use Quicken for their 2014 records, 29% (n=11) were undecided and 10% decided not to use Quicken.  Evaluations (2014) indicated topics for future workshops and the most important items learned in the workshop.


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Authors: W.B. Clevenger, E.G. Adams, D.L. Marrison, E.A. Richer
  1. Clevenger, W. Assistant Professor and Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 43512
  2. Adams, E. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 43812
  3. Marrison, D. Associate Professor and Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 44047
  4. Richer, E. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 43567