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Extension Education

Ashley Garrelts
Extension Educator
University of Wyoming


As a spinoff of the Converse County Annie's Project program it was decided that the Extension Educator partner with the University of Wyoming Range Extension Specialist and developer of the Women in Range program, and the Wyoming Women in Ag group to put together a field day for women involved in agriculture. The Women in Range/Ag field day was held on July 2, 2013 just outside of Douglas, and focused on "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" plants found on Wyoming's Rangelands. Because of the response that that was garnered from the field day, Women in Range workshops were then held in Natrona and Converse Counties in September. These workshops taught women the importance of setting goals and objectives, how to identify certain plant communities or ecological sites, different aspects of prescribed grazing and weed control, and ways to use rangeland monitoring to track your goals. The Women in Range workshops and field day were formally evaluated through a post survey that gauged how much knowledge was gained in each subject area and also what types of topics women would most likely want to learn about in upcoming Women in Range sessions. Participants felt that the workshops and field day answered their questions and stated that they will definitely use the information to make changes in the way they manage their land.


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Authors: A. Garrelts
  1. Garrelts, A. Extension Educator, University of Wyoming, Wyoming, 82633