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Applied Research

Michael Hamilton
Instructor- Irrigation


Arkansas uses several different methods to irrigate soybeans.Those methods are a center pivot, flood irrigation, furrow irrigation, and border irrigation.  Furrow irrigation is becoming much more popular in recent years. Arkansas growers are implementing a program developed by the Missouri NRCS called Phaucet into their furrow irrigation fields. Then program calculates the hole size needed in the irrigation tubing at each watered furrow depending upon pressure and the available flow. The objective of this research was to investigate whether implementing the Phaucet Program would result in less water being pumped for furrow irrigated soybean than in previous years without the program.

On-farm demonstrations indicate Phaucet Program helps producers improve water management to address declining water levels and increasing irrigation costs. Potential water management improvements include: water savings, reductions in pumping cost, less runoff and more uniform distribution down each furrow. The Phaucet Program calculates the pressure inside the tubing at each watered furrow and adjust the hole size to deliver the same amount of water down each furrow for improved efficiency. 

Demonstrations included Phaucet designed fields compared to the producers prior experience when using furrow irrigation and punching various hole sizes at random throughout the field. The Phaucet fields averaged 20% less time required per set when compared to the grower’s designs. These average savings on 2 million Arkansas Soybean acres that are irrigated would save 108.6 billion gallons of water and $59.9 million.


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Authors: M.K. Hamilton
  1. Hamilton, M. CEA - AGRICULTURE, University of Arkansas, Cooperative Extension Service, Arkansas, 72432