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Extension Education

Amy Simpson
CEA - Staff Chair


The 4-H initiatives of Citizenship, Healthy Living and Science were identified to help address the skills and awareness needed for tomorrow’s leaders.  These include: leadership skills to become active members of society, physical and emotional health consciousness, and science and technology proficiency.  To reach young people that are not able to attend community 4-H clubs and experience 4-H education, monthly in-school programming is conducted in Clark County.  In two years, a total of 372 students have been reached.    Arkadelphia Schools’ 6th grade classes received Healthy Lifestyle Choices (HLC) programs in 2012-13, while Gurdon School’s 5th grade classes received Citizenship programs.  In 2013-14, Junk Drawer Robotics (JDR) lessons were presented to Arkadelphia’s 6th graders and Gurdon’s 5th graders to offer hands-on engineering experiences.  Among the evaluation results: from the HLC programs 91% reported being better at using information to make their own decisions and 83% said they had more ideas on how to deal with stress in positive ways; from the Citizenship programs 93% learned that everyone has different leadership styles and that they all are important and 73% planned to apply their new leadership skills to making differences in their school or community.  The evaluations for the JDR are currently in process.   To date, participants have learned critical thinking and problem solving techniques as the groups work together to create objects to complete an assignment.  Overall, in-school programming has given more young people opportunities to develop their leadership, healthy living and science knowledge and skills through fun, hands-on, educational activities.


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Authors: A. Simpson
  1. Simpson, A. CEA - 4-H/AGRI, , University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Clark County, Arkansas, 71923