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Extension Education

Ed Twidwell
Professor and Extension Agronomist
LSU AgCenter
Baton Rouge


     Chinese tallow trees (Sapium sebiferum) are a very invasive species infesting pastures in south Louisiana.  Large tallow trees (>10 feet in height) are difficult to control with broadcast applications of commonly-used pasture herbicides.  The objective of this field demonstration was to compare several different methods of applying herbicides to individual Chinese tallow trees, and to feature this demonstration at a Pasture Weed Control Field Day.  Methods demonstrated included:  hack and squirt with either 2,4-D or Tordon herbicides; application of Velpar herbicide to the root zone of the trees; and application of a mixture of Remedy herbicide and diesel fuel to the base of the trees.  The hack and squirt treatments and the Velpar treatment were made in February, April and June, while the basal application treatment was made in late-June.  The field day was held on August 21, 2013 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Cade Farm located near Cade, LA.  There were 120 people who registered for the field day.  Demonstrations of each of the application methods were made to the participants.  Visual control ratings of the different methods were taken in September and November.  All methods provided excellent control, with the exception of the hack and squirt method with 2,4-D herbicide which provided less than 50% control.  Results of this demonsration were presented at ten pasture educational meetings in the fall of 2013 and the winter of 2014, with over 500 people receiving the information.


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Authors: E. Twidwell, R. Strahan, S. Dutile, M. Simon
  1. Twidwell, E. Professor, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70894
  2. Strahan, R. Associate Professor, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70894
  3. Dutile, S. Extension Agent, LSU AgCenter, Louisiana, 70501
  4. Simon, M. Farm Manager, ULL Cade Farm, Louisiana, 70582