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Recruiting Youth to Plant Science Careers

Extension Education

Bill Burdine
Agronomy Specialist
Mississippi State University


U.S. production agriculture will fall behind other countries if we fail to recruit the next generation of agronomists, Extension agents, scientists, & industry reps. Our scientific advances over the last 100 years have given us economic stability, national security, and helped feed the global population. Young people rarely understand the vast career options available in agriculture because they tend to think only of what they can see. They see tractors and livestock but most do not understand the science that allows production ag to flourish. It is our responsibility to educate them on the rewarding careers they would never have imagined. This set of programs (Science Experiments, Agronomy Bowl, Agronomy Camps, and Seed ID) enlighten youth of many career options available for individuals who wish to work in agriculture yet prefer not to farm directly. Participants learn about salaries, coursework, position stability, and more from a host of presenters.

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Authors: Bill Burdine
  1. Burdine, B. Agronomy Specialist, Mississippi State University, Mississippi, 38879