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Bridging Communities: County Farm Tour

Extension Education

Ashley Stonecipher
Agriculture and Food Systems Agent
UF/IFAS Extension
Winter Springs


The agricultural industry is the silent engine of the Volusia County economy as the demand for sustainable and locally sourced products continues to grow.  For 42 years, Farm Tour has served as an educational and immersive opportunity for individuals and communities to connect with the agricultural roots of the county. The objective was for participants to increase knowledge and awareness of agricultural enterprises, sustainable practices and their economic impact to Volusia County. The University of Florida/IFAS Extension office and the Volusia County Farm Bureau have partnered with eight local producers to highlight their farming techniques, products, and passion for agriculture.  The tour was organized with four stops on the west side and four stops on the east side of the county from small in size to large operations.   The tour encompassed a range of agricultural activities, including crop cultivation, livestock management, and agro-processing. Farmers and agricultural experts guided participants through the production processes.  The tour offered interactive demonstrations, displays and onsite commerce that offered an understanding of farming techniques and value-added products to purchase, creating a bridge between consumers and producers. 2023 farm tour was a success with 155 people exploring at least one of the featured stops.  A post evaluation was conducted, with 25% participation. Evaluation results indicated 97% of respondents stated that due to attending the farm tour they have increased their knowledge of the agricultural and environmental practices and 97% are more aware of the value of agriculture and natural resources added to their community.  Thirty-five attendees reported that they shared the information they learned at the farms with others. Farm Tour created a space for dialogue, collaboration, and appreciation of the agricultural heritage, contributing to the sustainable development of the local farming community.  It also serves as a platform for promoting agro-tourism, encouraging local economic growth, and strengthening the bond between rural and urban communities. The tour not only provides an opportunity for participants to purchase fresh, locally grown produce but also promotes awareness of the economic impact of supporting local agriculture.

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