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Applied Research

Bill Tyson
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia


     Soilborne diseases are a critical problem for peanut producers in Effingham County and must be addressed with additional on-farm research to establish “best management” practices.  The producers’ current best line of defense to combat these problems involves selection of more-resistant varieties, judicious use of fungicides, and soil fumigation with metam sodium to reduce severity of Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR).  Unfortunately, foliar fungicides and more-resistant varieties are insufficient to manage CBR in Effingham County and our growers are unlikely to use fumigation to manage the disease.  In this study, the effectiveness of prothioconazole (Proline) and azoxystrobin (Abound) applied in-furrow at planting and over the top after emergence was evaluated for the management of peanut diseases.  Provost (prothioconazole + tebuconazole) was evaluated with Proline (prothioconazole) and Abound (azoxystrobin) to assess the best program for overall disease protection.  Data collected included white mold, Diplodia collar rot and Cylindrocladium black rot.  From the research in Effingham County, the effectiveness of prothioconazole as a part of a disease management program to improve plant stand and reduce other disease such as TSWV, CBR, and white mold has been addressed.  This trial will evaluate the efficacy of Abound compared to Proline on soilborne diseases of peanut.  These results will play an important role in recommendations for future use of prothioconazole and azoxystrobin in the Southeast.   


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Authors: B. Tyson, R. C Kemerait, T. C. Brenneman
  1. Tyson, B. County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia, Georgia, 31329
  2. Kemerait, R. Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia, Georgia, 31794
  3. Brenneman, T. Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia, Georgia, 31793