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Applied Research

Justin Shealey
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia


Variety selection has long been recognized as a valuable part of a black shank management program. Considering the limitations of FL 301 genetics and the collapse of the Ph gene there is a constant need for new sources of resistance to black shank. One new source is the Wz genetics derived from Nicotiana rustica. Breeding lines and ultimately varieties incorporating this resistance have been field tested in Georgia. A test of Breeding lines in 2013 had seven entries including NC 1071 (a breeding line souhigh resistance to black shank in farm trials. Block trials (4-5 acres) grown at multiple locations have found both NC 1226 and NC 1960 are capable of producing tobacco with high yields and good grades. rce of the Ph gene),  K 326, NC 71, and NC 196 that developed greater than 80% Black Shank. Twelve Entries incorporating the Wz genetics developed less than 10% Black Shank.  The first variety released containing this resistance, NC 1226, was field tested in 5 locations across Georgia in 2017 and showed 92% control of black shank relative to K 326. NC 1226 and a second Wz variety, NC 1960 not yet released, have consistently shown resistance.


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Authors: J. S. Shealey, H Anderson, T. Barnes, P. Bertrand, J.M Moore, R. Lewis
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