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Ted Probert


Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Camp was developed as a means of teaching dairy judging skills to 4-H dairy youth.  The program was initiated in 2008 and with the exception of 2009 has been held annually since its inception.  The three-day event is designed to 1) Increase the knowledge of youth about the evaluation of dairy animals, 2) Enhance life skills of youth in the areas of oral communication, confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, teamwork, self-responsibility and self-esteem, 3) Further develop the potential of 4-H dairy judging teams, 4) Develop the interest and skills of younger members in the area of dairy judging.  Camp attendance has averaged sixteen participants annually.  At camp youth learn to use the dairy cattle unified score card for evaluating dairy animals.  They learn to take notes on classes and subsequently develop and deliver oral reasons defending their class placings.  While at camp participants spend mornings and afternoons visiting farms and judging classes of dairy animals.  Evenings are spent working on oral reasons.  Each participant receives individual attention and critique on his or her work.  Progress in animal evaluation and oral reasons has been apparent each year in the majority of youth participants.  Judging camp has been a success at educating youth in judging dairy animals and at enhancing decision making, critical thinking, communication, and a number of other life skills. Furthermore the program has successfully prepared youth for competition at state and national dairy judging events.


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Authors: T.R. Probert, K.J. Deaver, R. Moreno, R. Fay
  1. Probert, T. Dairy Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 65667
  2. Deaver, K. 4-H Youth Specialist, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 65712
  3. Moreno, R. 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 65706
  4. Fay, R. 4-H Youth Development Program Assistant, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri, 65661