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Developing a Foundation for a Successful Career in the First Year

Extension Education

Jordan Penrose
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator
Ohio State


Developing a Foundation for a Successful Career in the First Year

Penrose, J.*1

  1.  Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, 111 Jackson Pike, Suite 1572 Gallipolis, OH, 45631

To develop a strong foundation as an Agriculture Educator, making connections in the community is critical. My first day of employment was the first day of the county fair, which provide an excellent opportunity to meet and assess the needs and priorities of the community. Through the support of a supervisor, formal and informal mentors, and onboarding training, valuable insight and perspective is utilized. I began building a foundation by becoming a member of local, state, and national organizations, joining university teams, visiting local businesses and farms, and shadowing at co-worker’s programs and field days. An experienced educator told me when you meet a person in the first year they will be glad to have met you, but if you wait till the second year they will wonder why it took so long. In the first month, I joined local organizations including Farm Bureau and the local Agriculture Center Board. These organizations provide a direct line of communication with local clientele, potential educational programs, and support local businesses. I joined state and national organizations including Ohio and American Forage and Grassland Councils, and NACAA. These organizations provide resources around the country to be shared with and implemented by clientele. Other resources that provide learning and programming opportunities are regional and state program planning meetings, and commodity/topic specific meetings. After a Gallia County needs assessment was completed, programs were provided to address needs. With forage-based livestock as the primary source of agricultural income, grazing programs, and quality assurance have been provided. Gardening and forestry programs have been taught based on interest from clientele. Communication and visibility with clientele has improved with the use of social media, electronic and traditional newsletters, and state websites and publications. To build on this foundation an emphasis needs to be on building more relationships through farm visits, media, other organizations, and community involvement.  

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Authors: Jordan Penrose
  1. Penrose, J. Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 45631