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Extension Education

Craig Allen
CEA - AGRI Staff Chairman
University of Arkansas


     The need to educate our youth about firearms and firearm safety is a tremendous responsibility of county agents.  Today’s youth are very computer oriented, but many don’t get the opportunity to experience more traditional 4-H programming.  Tremendous educational opportunities are always present at county, district and state events.  These avenues give the youth an opportunity to exhibit their skills.  One example is the 4-H Shooting Sports program which provides 4-H’ers the opportunity to showcase their shooting talents.  It is through my work with these youth that they acquire the knowledge needed to learn self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self esteem and sportsmanship.  The discipline and self control required for responsible firearms use carries over into many other aspects of life.  Educational impact of this program is measured through various means.  Some of which are membership in 4-H, success at competition and enhancing the accomplishments of these future leaders of tomorrow.  Evaluations of this program will continue throughout the life of this program and I would like to share this information with other agents in the NACAA.


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Authors: C.S. Allen
  1. Allen, C. CEA - AGRI, University of Arkansas, Arkansas, 72432