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Extension Education

David Bilderback
Extension Area Specialist - Farm Management
University of Tennessee


In 2002, a group of cattle producers, along with the Hawkins County Extension Agent, began working on a plan to add value to the beef producer’s operations.  The plan was to develop a cooperative effort among producers to market beef cattle of similar weight and sex in truck load lots (48,000 lbs.).  The mechanism chosen to develop the program was the Hawkins County Cattlemen’s Association (HCCA).  The HCCA had been inactive for approximately 14 years and the interested cattle producers, with guidance from the Extension Agent, began to reorganize the association. The group had the first re-organizational meeting with approximately 14 interested producers.  In 2002, six truckloads of cattle were sold. From 2002 to 2007 the HCCA has sold approximately 114 truckloads of cattle consisting of 8,060 head and totaling 5.6 million dollars.  In 2008 alone, the HCCA sold 106 truckloads of cattle worth over 4.6 million dollars. From 2009-2013, the HCCA has sold 342 truckloads of cattle totaling over 17.6 million dollars. Individual producers from Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia have marketed as few as one head to as many as a whole load. Selling through the HCCA video sale gives the small producers the same advantages as the large producers and the flexibility of monthly sales.  Since 2008, over 30,000 calves have been sold worth 22.4 million dollars. The added value versus selling at weekly livestock auctions is over one million dollars. The comparison was made to the Tennessee weekly auction summary price report for like cattle.


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Authors: D.C. Bilderback, S.M. Huff., R.A. Moncier.
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