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Extension Education

Paul Cerosaletti
Cornell Cooperative Extension


The New York City Watershed Agricultural Program (NYCWAP) engages farmers living in the upstate New York boundaries of the New York City drinking water supply reservoir watersheds in a voluntary program to implement whole farm planning on their farms to protect the pristine quality of the world’s largest unfiltered drinking water supply.   Each year the NYCWAP maintains approximately 270 manure nutrient plans for livestock farmers within the watershed west of the Hudson River.   One hundred and seventeen of these farms (43%) participate in the NYCWAP Nutrient Management Credit program, a program which provides participants annual financial incentives in turn for successfully following the plan.  Program participants must annually keep and submit manure spreading records to the NYWAP for summary, review and approval by a farmer peer review committee.   Farmer participants who are approved as following their nutrient management plan for a given year, receive farm-size scaled credits against which they may submit approved nutrient management expenses.  The program currently manages the land application of manure from a total of 13,245 animal units on 33,509 acres, providing incentives for farmers to follow their nutrient management plans, and keep and submit records, as well as providing accountability to the NYCWAP and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection that plans are being implemented as designed.


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Authors: P.E. Cerosaletti, D.R. Dewing
  1. Cerosaletti, P. Senior Resource Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County, New York, 13782
  2. Dewing, D. Senior Resource Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County, New York, 13782