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Extension Education

Qingren Wang
Vegetable & Pesticide Extension Agent


With a rapid development of artificial intelligence, the application of drone systems has shown great potential in agriculture. However, growers need to understand the fundamentals, i.e., why it works, how it works and the benefits. The objectives of the program will be to help local growers understand better about the new technology, the affordable cost, advantages, the operation, the government regulation, and the scale of its application. The combination of two field day events for an on-site demonstration with one workshop for data processing and application was conducted with pre- and post-tests for the program evaluation. Participants were able to watch the procedures in site selection, the flight parameters chosen, the drone autonomous flight setup and the operation from the field demonstration, and to learn the data processing and application from the workshop. A total of 58 participants attended the events and 45 (78%) completed the pre- and post-tests. The result showed that 91% (n=41) had knowledge gain with an increase of 35% in understanding the application of drone technology; 82% (n=37) believed that the application of drone technology would save their time and improve the crop management with an increase of 42%; and 71% (n=32) would change their practice by implementing the drone technology with an increase of 30% from the post- vs. pre-pest; and 100% (n=45) believed that the various Management Zones derived from NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) based on crop health could provide timely information for their crop management to reduce the yield loss. Therefore, the demonstration of this up-to-date technology has provided a platform to help local vegetable growers improve their Best Management Practice (BMP) for the sustainable agriculture.

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Authors: Q. Wang
  1. Wang, Q. Vegetable & Pesticide Extension agent, UF/IFAS, Florida, 33030