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Extension Education

Shawn Steed
Environmental Horticulture Production Extension Agent
Hillsborough County Extension Service


Weeds are a considerable economic pest for woody ornamental plant growers.  This problem has increased with the downturn in the economy with fewer workers and longer plant holding times.  Pre-emergent herbicides are typically used to control weed germination and minimize weeds.  Demonstration plots were created to screen 19 pre-emergent herbicide and mulch combinations for efficacy against fall/winter weeds commonly seen in woody plant production in Hillsborough County, FL.  Used potting soil containing weed seeds was used as the foundation of the plot substrate.  Weed seeds were collected from local nurseries and raked into the top one inch of the plots.  Pre-emergent herbicides were then applied over the top of the 4.3 ft2 plots.  Growers were invited to a workshop which included weed ID, herbicide BMPs, hands-on granular herbicide calibrations and discussions on the demonstration plots.   Twenty-six surveys were completed.  Eighty-five percent of participants reported an increase in knowledge about ornamental preemergent herbicides in general.   On a 1-10 scale, knowledge gain about ornamental preemergent herbicides was 62%, and knowledge of herbicide weed combination/interactions was increased 87%.  This workshop and demonstration plot lead to practice changes.  One hundred percent reported they would change herbicide use based on attendance.  Another 92% would start to, or calibrate herbicides differently at their operation. Ninty-six percent believed that the workshop would save them money and estimated savings of $3,700.00 per attendee, per year.



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Authors: S.T. Steed, C. Esmel-McAvoy
  1. Steed, S. Environmental Horticulture Production Extension Agent, Hillsborough County Extension Service, Florida, 33584
  2. Esmel-McAvoy, C. Multi-County Commercial Hort Agent, UF/IFAS Extension, Florida, 33513