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Extension Education

Linda Mcclanahan
County Agent for Agriculture & Natural Resources


Objectives were to gain knowledge about risks contributing to high numbers of injury/illness, excessive fatality rates with senior farmers, perspectives on injury risk and develop intervention strategies.  Focus group meetings were held with farmers over age 50 and their spouses to learn perspectives on farm work, risk, and intention to remain active in agricultural production.  Meetings determined that senior farmers and families are aware of risks in the agricultural environment, yet injury/illness rates remain high. Attention to health and safety interventions should be developed while representing values and culture of farm communities, considering farmer’s need to be part of the farming process, recognizing valuable input by senior farmers, providing realistic resources and allowing senior farmers to make decisions about adaptations. Attention should include psychological well-being as stress, both occupation and home, is as an increased challenge with age.  Templates for injury prevention programs were reviewed resulting in a novel intervention being developed and tested for safety intervention.  Thirty-three participants (farmers and spouses) came to the Mercer County Extension Office for a “Dinner Theater”. Local farmers presented four short plays (readings based on real farm based stories about injury and illness). After each play, farmers shared reactions to the play and their own stories/solutions to problems presented. One week later phone interviews were conducted to learn more about reactions to the play and changes made regarding topics presented. Thirty-three percent reported significant changes and 67% were contemplating changes.  Eighty-eight percent stated they could apply messages to their life and family.


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Authors: L.K. Mcclanahan, D.B. Reed
  1. Mcclanahan, L. County Agent for Agriculture & Natural Resources, UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY, Kentucky, 40330
  2. Reed, D. College of Public Health Distinguished Service Professor and Good Samaritan Endowed Chair, University of Kentucky, Kentucky, 40536