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Identifying Trends In 4-H/FFA Market Lamb Data

Applied Research

John Benner
Extension Agent
Virginia Cooperative Extension


To identify trends in the 4-H/FFA market lamb project, historical data from the Augusta County 4-H/FFA Market Animal Show and Rockingham County Fair was analyzed. Data analyzed included final (show weight), beginning weight, average daily gain ultrasound carcass data and sale price per lb and sale gross over the floor price.  A total number of 4,394 lambs were included in the study.  Augusta lamb final weight increased from an average of 113.95 lbs in 2007 to 119.62 lbs in 2022, although not linearly.  Rockingham lamb final weight increased from a low in 2013 of 114.90 lbs to a high in 2021 of 127.10 lbs.  Augusta ultrasound loineye area increased from 2008 (2.63 in2) to 2016 (3.40 in2), though remained flat to a slight decrease from 2016-2022.  Combined for both shows, ultrasound loineye area was more highly correlated to final weight (0.59) than rib fat (0.44), indicating though lambs are bigger, they are still acquiring muscle. Despite this, lamb loin muscle area did not increase, (3.40 in2 in 2016 vs 3.16 in2 2022).  Sale prices for lambs in 2021 and 2022 showed no significant differences in price per lb for light versus heavy lambs, but did show a significant difference in the gross sale value per lamb for light lambs versus heavy lambs.  However, no significant difference in average gross value was observed between medium weight lambs and heavy weight lambs, though a nominal difference was seen. 

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Authors: John Benner, Corey Childs, Emmalee Edwards, Sam Leech
  1. Benner, J. Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Augusta County, Virginia, 24482
  2. Childs, C. Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources - Animal Science, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Warren County, Virginia, 226630
  3. Edwards, E. Associate Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Augusta County, Virginia, 24482
  4. Leech, S. Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Rockingham County, Virginia, 22801