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Extension Education

Jacqueline Kowalski

University of Connecticut


Farmers and Extension Educators have traditionally collaborated through on-farm research in order to answer questions of concern within farming communities.  With the increase of interest in urban farm systems it is important to conduct research projects to increase profitability and sustainability of urban agriculture enterprises.  However, urban agriculture on-farm research is much different than traditional on-farm research and should be approached much differently.  On-farm research also provides the opportunity for Extension to reach out to urban farmers in order to build relationships and trust. Two Ohio State University Warner Sustainable Agriculture grants were awarded to conduct small, on-farm research projects in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), one to determine the best ratio of municipal leaf humus to use as a soil amendment and the other the best fertilizer regime for small-scale garlic production.    The Extension Educator worked closely with the farmer through the planning, design, planting and data collection phases to ensure the integrity of the research and completion of the projects.  Through the results of these projects four small scale farmers have been able to utilize the information to decrease  the cost of soil amendment inputs on their farms. The reasons behind the projects were not only scientific data, but to show urban farmers that information from traditional farm research projects could be applied to urban farms. The objective of this poster is to discuss the approach, challenges and advantages of conducting urban on-farm research projects and benefits to both the Extension Educator and the farmer.



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Authors: J. Kowalski
  1. Kowalski, J. Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ohio, 44103