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Bwrap Hay Bales

Applied Research

Brian Freking


John Deere hay bale wrapping technology has evolved over time and this demonstration project was utilized to collect moisture data comparing net wrapped hay to Bwrap hay over an Oklahoma winter period between 150 to 180 days.  Results:  Bales were stored in 2 different location however, producers storage site cattle had broken into the bale and therefore data was not included on that location.  The Kerr Center location storage lasted 157 days with moisture readings collected on the Net wrap bale and B wrap bale.  There was approximate 83 lbs. and 70 lbs. of additional water collect over the storage time in the net wrap and B wrap respectively. Based on difference in bale weights it was calculated that if the additional moisture might be refused by livestock then losses on the net wrap bale is 8% and B wrap is 6%.

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Authors: Brian Freking, Jodie Parolini
  1. Freking, B. EXTENSION EDUCATOR, OAEAA, Oklahoma, 74820
  2. Parolini, J. Cherokee Extension AG Educator, OAEAA, Oklahoma, 74464