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Developing a Pest Management Board Game

Extension Education

Jason Thomas
Extension Educator
University of Idaho


Sustainable farm managers need to have a thorough understanding of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to deal with ongoing and emerging pests. Our team developed an educatonal board game known as pest friends, which allows players to make decisions and experience the consequences of said decisions. The game is a simulation of a fictitious crop known as lunar wheat. In the simulation, players encounter new and unknown bugs, research them and then make decisions based on scouting data and research. After the players go through a growing season they are able to see the consequences of their decisions and how insect populations fluctuated over the season. This poster will showcase how the game works in a simplified manner to help county agricultural agents learn about this new tool which was recently created.


Poster has NOT been presented at any previous NACAA AM/PIC

This poster is being submitted for judging. It will be displayed at the AM/PIC if not selected as a State winner. The abstract will be published in the proceedings.

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Authors: Jason Thomas, Grant Loomis
  1. Thomas, J. Extension Educator, University of Idaho Extension, Idaho, 83350
  2. Loomis, G. Extension Educator-Assistant Proffesor, University of Idaho, Idaho, 83333