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Emily Marrison
Extension Educator


~~Ohio, like many other states, is experiencing growing interest in farm-based food production.  Whether producing cottage foods, meats, eggs, baked goods or produce, farm-based food entrepreneurs face many challenges and risks related to food safety, regulatory compliance, product development and legal liability. Recognizing the risks associated with farm-based food production, OSU Extension educators partnered to address the information and education needs of Ohio’s food entrepreneurs.  Educators with expertise in food science and agricultural law have collaborated to evaluate the most pressing food production, processing, and regulatory issues. The team used a variety of venues to gather information to identify the unique needs and challenges for these individuals who are beginning or expanding a farm-based food business.  The methods for obtaining the information included surveys of participants at workshops, online surveys of Extension Educators, and analysis of blog post views from the Ohio Agricultural Law Blog. Thirty-six participants completed surveys during three different workshops in southwestern, central and northeastern Ohio. These surveys gave participants open ended opportunities to indicate the most pressing concerns and desires for skills-based trainings to help start or grow food businesses. An online survey of 34 OSU Extension educators confirmed that all receive questions in their county offices related to selling foods. Also the Ohio Agricultural Law Blog post “Legally Selling Your Baked Goods at a Farmer’s Market” received 2,462 views, the third most popular post ever. These identified needs from workshop attendees, educators and blog readers were prioritized to drive the development of educational program outputs.


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Authors: E.G. Adams, P.K. Hall
  1. Adams, E. Extension Educator, OSU Extension, Ohio, 43812
  2. Hall, P. Asst. Professor, Agricultural & Resource Law, OSU Extension, Ohio, 43210