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Extension Education

Andrew Warner
County Agent
University of Georgia



Silage is the largest acreage and highest value row crop grown in Wilkes County. Annually, approximately 3,000 acres of corn or sorghum silage is grown with a total value of over $4 million. In Wilkes County, there are no local crop consultants which leads to growers relying heavily on UGA Extension Agents for proper pesticide recommendations and insight on local agronomic issues. The Wilkes County Extension Agent started a local county silage scouting program to increase Extension’s presence in the local farming community, increase grower knowledge of problematic pests found within the County, and to provide recommendations for control. In total, the 2020 Silage Scouting Program increased overall corn and sorghum silage yields through better agronomic practices, identified and recommended control of major pest in crops prior to significate injuries that would have resulted in yield losses, and led to actual grower saving $3,425 through not recommending grower applications of pesticides on field that had not reached an economic threshold. Growers who participated in the program rated the program as excellent and requested the program be continued next year.

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Authors: A. Warner
  1. Warner, A. County Agent, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30673