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Applied Research

Anne Nelson
Extension Educator, Water Resources
University of Minnesota Extension
St. Cloud


Private well and drinking water safety have come to the forefront of rural water issues in the past few years, yet few educational resources are addressing the topic. As part of the North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources (NCANR) Academy (2019-2022) a group of four Extension Educators throughout the Midwest identified a need for specified resources based on drinking water. A Qualtrics survey was designed to assess what educational needs were specifically needed around the Midwest with much of the focus on Minnesota, North Dakota, Indiana, and Oklahoma. Seventeen questions were asked. The survey was sent out via a sharable link and advertised over social media, through group meetings, and local newsletters in specific locations, January 15th – February 7th, 2020. There were 271 responses. Forty percent of the audience used their water for human drinking water, and 38% of them had never tested their drinking water. Four main topics that the audience was most interested in were: How and when to test well water Factors affecting water quality, Aquifer formation, and groundwater location, and What to do if a drinking water test shows a contamination issue. The main source of information that the audience used was from Extension and they preferred to get their information from physical handouts and online websites, followed by in-person presentations. The NCANR Academy group is working to address these educational needs and will be designing and deliver a program available in the summer of 2022.

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Authors: A. M. Nelson, C. McCorkle, C. Van Pelt, G. Benz
  1. Nelson, A. Extension Educator, Water Resources, University of Minnesota Extension, Minnesota, 56301
  2. McCorkle, C. Extension Educator, Agriculture and 4-H, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, 74848
  3. Van Pelt, C. Extension Educator, Agriculture. Natural Resources and Community Development, Purdue Extension, Indiana, 46703
  4. Benz, G. Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H, North Dakota State Extension, North Dakota, 58642