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Extension Education

David Handley
Vegetable & Small Fruit Specialist
University of Maine Cooperative Extension


Spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) was first found in Maine in the fall of 2011.  This small fruit fly is an invasive pest originating in northern Asia that can destroy berry crops and other soft fruits.  During the winter of 2011-2012 an intensive educational program was initiated to increase grower awareness of the new pest. Local efforts were supported and enhanced through cooperation with programs across the Northeast.   New England research and Extension specialists developed a network of monitoring sites in each state, maintained with the help of farmers and students.  Fly population and damage data was shared with growers and Extension staff through a blog and mapping web page developed for this pest, as well as weekly e-mail updates.  Management recommendations based on the results of ongoing regional research was distributed via newsletter, web page and online videos.   Prior to the growing season, detailed fact sheets on identification, monitoring and management were distributed through a cooperative project with Pennsylvania State University. Although damage from spotted wing drosophila since its arrival has been significant, program surveys have shown that most growers were aware of the pest and had access to management information.  Extension was cited as the primary source of information.  The impact of this program in preventing this new pest from causing severe economic harm to Maine berry growers could not have been achieved without the cooperation of Extension and research specialists locally, regionally and nationally, enabling us to develop an effective program in a very short time.


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Authors: D.T. Handley, J.F. Dill
  1. Handley, D. Vegetable & Small Fruit Specialist, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine, 04259
  2. Dill, J. Pest Management Specialist, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine, 04473