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Ragweed Control in Overgrown Areas

Applied Research

Adam Willis
CEA - Staff Chair


We wanted to demonstrate the take down power of herbicides in comparison to brush hogging. Many producers have areas they might not cut for hay or can’t get around to fencing and after a couple of seasons of neglect it becomes overgrown enough that measures must be implemented to get that property back into production. Brush hogging is often times the method of choice, but herbicides offer another and perhaps a more affordable option. 24D, Grazon P+D, and Weedmaster were the chosen herbicides for control. All three herbicides provided 100% control. So 24D at $7.00 per acre would be the cheapest option compared to $9.50 per acre for Grazon P+D or Weedmaster. Many brush hogging costs are impossible to calculate due to the fact that many areas like these present another set of challenges and cost associated with more frequent breakdowns due to visibility issues or areas that are too rough to cover.

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Authors: Adam Willis
  1. Willis, A. CEA - Staff Chair, County Extension Agent Staff Chair, Arkansas, 72641