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Applied Research

Forrest Connelly
County Extension Coordinator
University of Georgia


In 2012 there were 18 counties in Northeast Georgia that have 1215 acres of blueberries with a farmgate value of $4,613,482.00. Mummy berry a disease caused by the fungus Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi in Georgia blueberries. There is no efficacy data on fungicides for blueberries in Georgia. Organic production has expanded and new approved organic materials are needed for mummy berry management. A disease that could limit yields by over 50% in conventional and 90% in organic could have a significant impact on both u-pick and pack operations in an area of the state where producers must diversify their agricultural operations to stay viable. Many consumers prefer the "Know your farmer, know your food" market and like to purchase local products. In 2013 with limited data in Georgia as well as limited options for mummy berry suppression in blueberries a field trial implemented.  The site was in Northeast Georgia at a u-pick and pack farm that has been in operation since the late 1960's. This was the first on-farm mummy berry trial set up for data in Northeast Georgia. Many organic blueberry farms have come into operation in this area of the state. This issue was also addressed in the field trial. An 8 treatment randomized completely block design including a control was set up with sprays at green tip, 10-20% bloom, full bloom and late bloom. The treatments had 5 replications. 


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Authors: F.J. Connelly, P.M. Brannen, L.A. Fall
  1. Connelly, F. County Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30538
  2. Brannen, P. Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30602
  3. Fall, L. Research Technician III, University of Georgia, Georgia, 30602