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Developing Personal Risk Management Plans and Marketing Strategies For Small and Historically Underserved Producers in Southeastern North Carolina

Extension Education

Nelson Brownlee
Area Small Farms Agent
NC Cooperative Extension


Producers need the ability to deal with risks that come with new attractive farming opportunities.  The program was funded by a grant with Digital Extension Risk Management Education and National Crop Insurance Services and was conducted during the first half of 2022. Project goal was to assist small and historically underserved producers in Southeastern North Carolina respond to risk by developing their own personal risk management and marketing plans. Applied education consisting of eight sequential workshops (7 virtual, 1 in-person; 30 hours total) supplemented by homework assignments and individualized counseling was delivered via a partnership of subject matter experts and local educators to farmers and ranchers in Southeastern North Carolina.  Program outcomes show that 51 producers and 6 educators acquired the risk management and market analysis skills and understanding of their own operations to set a goal, and delineate three implementation actions for each goal, for each of the five areas of risk and five key marketing mix variables.  Each participant was interviewed at the project's end, with educators reporting that 47 producers participated in all activities of the project accomplishing 3,661 (average 77.9) hours of homework.   Surveys taken four months after the last workshop, showed that 36 of the 51 producers had accomplished at least half of their actions and 13 had completed all of their actions which included: installing high tunnel greenhouses and deep well irrigation systems, receiving financial assistance, having roadside marketing signs printed and developing personal webpage and social media pages.  Farmers now have the confidence they need to deal with future risks. 

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Authors: Nelson Brownlee, James Hartsfield
  1. Brownlee, N. Area Small Farms Agent, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina, 28359
  2. Hartsfield, J. Area Small Farms Agent, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina, 28328