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Extension Education

Shawn Banks
County Extension Director - Agriculture Agent
NC Cooperative Extension
Morehead City


The Gardening A-Z class was created in cooperation with Clayton Parks and Recreation and Clayton Area Ministries (CAM) to fill a couple needs.  One need was the demand for information on how to grow vegetables in home gardens.  Many residents have moved from other parts of the country and find it difficult to successfully garden in our challenging climate.  Need two was that of fresh produce for the less fortunate.  Cooperative Extension has the knowledge to train people how to cope with the conditions here.  In order to deliver the gardening information to class participants, we have a hybrid class.  Class participants work in a demonstration garden doing activities including designing the garden layout, planting seeds and transplants, scouting for disease and insect problems, handling pest problems using best management practices, and harvesting produce.  This is paired with classroom instruction.  The produce is then donated to CAM where it is distributed to the needy.  In 2013 there were 47 people who attended one of three classes where we taught them about our three gardening seasons.  The classes produces 917 pounds of produce much of it in the form of lettuce, spinach and other leafy greens for distribution by CAM.  Of the 47 participants 27 were experienced gardeners who’d moved into the area and needed information about what to grow and when.  Of the other 20 participants eleven have started vegetable gardens, while the others decided it was too much trouble and they would rather purchase from local farmers.


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Authors: S. Banks
  1. Banks, S. HORTICULTURE AGENT, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, North Carolina, 27577