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Extension Education

Keith Wynn
Extension Agent II
University of Florida


Each year peanut producers in North Florida are faced with the difficult task of determining the best fungicide spray program for disease management in peanuts.  The main goal of this research was to enable peanut producers an opportunity to learn experientially about the different fungicide spray programs and the utility of on-farm trials.  During the 2012 and 2013 growing seasons, four agro-chemical companies’ fungicide spray programs were compared.  Products for each program were donated by the companies and applied by the peanut producers with the same equipment used to treat the rest of their acreage.  Plots consisted of 24 rows and were replicated 4 times.  Peanuts were harvested by the grower and both yield and quality were recorded for each replicate plot.  These programs were discussed at both in-season and winter peanut production meetings.  Producers were also encouraged to visit the on-farm trial throughout the growing season to form their own assessments about the products.  The results after two seasons of testing indicate that each of the companies spray programs was successful at reducing disease and saving yields. Evaluations and field consultations suggest that producers prefer demonstrations at on-farm trials and trust the data generated through typical field production methods. On-farm trials are vital in extension when encouraging producers to try new production techniques.  For example, one producer was able to increase their yields by more than 700 lb/A using a program similar to the on-farm trials which generated an additional $5600 on the 40 acre field.


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Authors: K. Wynn, B. Wilder, N. Dufault
  1. Wynn, K. Extension Agent I, University of Florida, Florida, 32052
  2. Wilder, B. Extension Agent I, University of Florida, Florida, 32609
  3. Dufault, N. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Florida, Florida, 32611