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Effect of sulfur source and planting date on soybean yield

Applied Research

Garth Ruff
Beef Cattle Field Specialist
The Ohio State University


With reduced rates atmospheric deposition of sulfur to soil in recent years, there was interest from a cooperating farm to evaluate the effect of sulfur applications to soybeans. Soybean sulfur sources and planting date interactions were investigated over three years at two locations in Northwest Ohio. Three sulfur sources applied at a rate 20 pounds of actual sulfur were applied at planting; dry ammonium sulfate, potassium thiosulfate, and ammonium thiosulfate. The first location was the Northwest Ag Research Station in Custar, Ohio where multiple sulfur sources were applied at two planting dates. The first planting was as early as soil conditions were fit, and the second a month later. The other location was near Archbold, Ohio working with a local farmer on a single planting date. At the Northwest research station planting date had a significant effect on yield with a 10 bushel per acre yield increase when planting as early as possible compared to the later planting. Potassium Thiosulfate had an interaction with planting date, lowering yields on the earlier plantings and not affecting yield at later planting dates. Lower yields may have been caused by a stand reduction in the potassium thiosulfate plots. Another potential cause of yield loss in the earlier planting was cooler soil temperatures that did not occur in the later planting dates.  The field-scale trials also did not show an effect of sulfur treatment and were planted between our small plot planting dates. Overall, applications of sulfur of various sources did not have an effect on soybean yield, however planting dates did have an effect as demonstrated in other studies.  

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Authors: Garth Ruff, Jason Hartschuh, Nicholas Eckel, Alan Leininger
  1. Ruff, G. Beef Cattle Field Specialist, Ohio State University, Ohio, 43724
  2. Hartschuh, J. Field Specialist, Dairy Production and Precision Livestock, Ohio State University, Ohio, 44820
  3. Eckel, N. Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ohio State University, Ohio, 43402
  4. Leininger, A. Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ohio State University, Ohio, 43435