Accepted Presentation Proposals For 2010

Agricultural Economics & Community Development Accepted Proposals

Agricultural Issues Accepted Proposals

Agronomy & Pest Management Accepted Proposals

Animal Science Accepted Proposals

Early Career Development Accepted Proposals

Horticulture & Turfgrass Accepted Proposals

Leadership and Administrative Skills Accepted Proposals

Natural Resources/Aquaculture Accepted Proposals

Sustainable Agriculture Accepted Proposals

Teaching & Educational Technologies Accepted Proposals



To provide NACAA members an opportunity to make an oral presentation at a recognized national professional improvement meeting.

To provide NACAA members an opportunity to share successful Cooperative Extension educational programs.

To provide to the NACAA membership professional improvement presentations that will enable them to be a more knowledgeable Cooperative Extension professional.


NACAA members in good standing must submit an on-line abstract of their proposed presentation to the following committees:  Agronomy and Pest Management; Agricultural Economics and Community Development; Animal Science; 4-H & Youth Programming; Natural Resources/Aquaculture; Horticulture & Turfgrass;Sustainable Agriculture; Agricultural Issues; Early Career Development; Administrative Skills Development; or Teaching and Educational Technologies.

Author(s) agree that submitted article(s) have not been published or are not currently under consideration for publication in other journals.

The NACAA Vice President along with the Professional Improvement Council/Extension Development Council Chairs will determine the number of accepted presentations.

The  committees will have full authority to accept or reject a proposed presentation upon evaluation of the title and submitted abstract.  Rejection of a proposed presentation by the Committee will be final.  Presentations will be made on Tuesday and Wednesday of the 2023 AM/PIC.


Peer reviewed papers will be selected for presentation and authors will receive a certificate and will have paper published in the NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Proceedings.


The application process for making a presentation at the 2023 AM/PIC will be handled on-line at   Please follow the instructions on-line for submitting a presentation application.  All submissions must be completed by March 15, 2023.   

Presentation Sample Score Sheet

                                                                            Points possible     
Writing    Format – Does the abstract follow 
    the sample format?                                          5    
    Grammar – Rate the level of 
    correct use of grammar?                                 10    
    Punctuation – How well is correct 
    punctuation used?                                            10    
Abstract    Statement of Issue – How well 
    does the abstract clearly describe 
    the issue that needs 
    to be addressed?                                              15    
    Methodology - How well does the 
    abstract demonstrate the 
    procedures to complete project?                   10    
    Impact – Are results clearly stated?  
    Did results lead to action?                                15    
    Extension Education – Describe 
    dissemination of information.  How 
    well does the abstract demonstrate 
    how this information was used to 
    educate the clientele/public?                           15    
Topic    Applicable to Other Regions – 
    Would this project be plausible for 
    use in other regions?                                          10    
    Interest Level – Does this abstract 
    show an issue that is of interest to 
    the clientele/public?                                           10    
                Total                                                        100