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Extension Education

Rhonda Britton
Regional Extension Agent - Home Grounds, Gradens & Home Pests
Alabama Cooperative Extension System


Auburn University College of Architecture students must complete a senior design project before graduating. One of the current projects is for students to design and build a home for $20,000 (20K). The 20K home is a long-term Auburn University project to develop a prototype for rural affordable housing. One of the design options is to lower monthly utility bills that includes water use.  An Auburn University Architecture senior design group first contacted Dr. Eve Brantley, State Water Resources Specialist, for guidance. She directed the team to Home Grounds Regional Extension Agent, Rhonda Britton, who has extensive experience with rainwater harvesting for in-home use. Rhonda provided help with designing a working rainwater harvesting system used to flush toilets in the home. Design considerations include sizing the tank, a first flush diverter, float switch, pressure switch, shallow well jet pump, solenoid, check valve, and gutters. The design process started in the summer of 2018 and the students finished the rainwater harvesting installation at the prototype 20k house in the fall of 2019. Lessons learned in this project include the importance of extension collaboration with the university they represent and the experience as the students begin their careers.


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Authors: R. C. Britton, E Brantley, S Curry, C Elcott, K Fallon, M Kelly
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