Journal of NACAA

Effects of Prepartum Metabolizable Protein Supplementation on Wagyu- and Angus-Sired Offspring

ISSN 2158-9429

Volume 16, Issue 1 - June 2023

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott


To test the effects of maternal prepartum protein supplementation on growth and carcass characteristics, cows bred to Angus and Wagyu bulls were supplemented with metabolizable protein for 60 days prepartum. Supplemented cows were fed 108% of the NRC recommendation for metabolizable protein, while control cows received 85% of the NRC recommendation. Supplementation resulted in increased 205-day weaning weights for Wagyu-sired calves compared to control Wagyu-sired calves. Maternal pre-partum supplementation did not have a great effect on carcass quality. Breed appeared to have the greatest impact on carcass quality of the calves. Wagyu-sired calves had increased marbling scores and USDA quality grades, compared to calves from Angus sires.

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