Journal of NACAA

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring in Aquaculture Well Water: A Participatory Research Case Study.

ISSN 2158-9429

Volume 17, Issue 1 - June 2024

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott


A participatory research study evaluated the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) in two wells that supply water to a fish hatchery. Samples at the well, the aeration tower and holding tanks were taken over a year. Even though the wells were near each other (438 ft or 133.5 m) there were significant differences in the presence of CO2, with well 1 having an average concentration of 69.1 mg/L and well 2 an average of 48.5 mg/L. CO2 concentrations in both wells were not consistent throughout the year, and differences in effectiveness of removal CO2 were observed for both locations. Significance of these findings could relate to potential effects to the environment, human health, wildlife habitats, agricultural land, and surface waters.

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