Journal of NACAA

Agricultural Courses and Clubs Impact on Utah Extension Educator’s Agricultural Literacy

ISSN 2158-9429

Volume 16, Issue 2 - December 2023

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott


This study assessed the agricultural literacy proficiency of Utah Cooperative Extension professionals and volunteers. Using a validated Judd-Murray Agricultural Literacy Instrument (JMALI), the majority demonstrated factual literacy (M = 57%, 42%) or applicably proficient understanding (M = 42%, 39%) of the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALOs). Individuals achieving proficiency can recognize, articulate, and explain complex concepts for real-world applications. The study revealed that most lacked prior participation in agricultural courses or clubs. A significant finding was that volunteers with previous club engagement showed significantly higher proficiency scores, emphasizing the influential role of experiences like 4-H and FFA in enhancing agricultural literacy. Study implications suggest the need for professional development support to increase the educators’ agricultural literacy and multistate replication of the study to strengthen Extension program impacts within communities.

Keywords: agricultural literacy, Utah, volunteer, agricultural exposure, community education

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