Journal of NACAA

Sheep and Goat Producers Preferences on Extension Programming and Delivery

ISSN 2158-9429

Volume 16, Issue 1 - June 2023

Editor: Linda Chalker-Scott


Extension’s role has evolved over the years and listening to key stakeholders and producers who utilize services offered by Extension helps keep programs relevant. A non-experimental descriptive study conducted by South Dakota State University (SDSU) examined sheep and goat producers’ preferences on programming and delivery. This survey was part of a nationwide Sheep and Goat Needs Assessment with 672 responses collected from 47 states. For in-person programming, most respondents preferred winter months (December – February), mornings, and Saturdays. Email was the best promotional method. These results help enhance Extension efforts ensuring key information and resources are delivered to meet the needs of producers.

Keywords: extension programming, delivery, producer preferences

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