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Volume 12, Issue 1 - June, 2019

Building Agricultural Literacy Programs through STEM Education
Coffey, P. ; Ridgeway, B.; Brown, V.

Case Study Evaluating Collection Technique and Sample Handling on Nematode Analysis
Burdine, B.

Evaluation of Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Hive Monitoring Tools for Overwintering Honeybee Hives
Jones, K. M.; Kephart, R.; Slocum, D.L.; Storm, A.; Thomas, A.; Wicker, R.

Extreme Weather Events and Risk Management Options for Family Forests
Henderson, J.; Gordon, J.

Farmers Market Consumers’ Perceptions of Heritage Breed Chickens
Dasgupta, S.; Bryant, R.C.; Wright, A; Pescatore, A.; Jacob, J.

Generating Data-Based Recommendations for Pastured Broiler Producers
Knight, C. ; Anderson, G.; Hatley, J.

Growing Gardens One Tomato (TM) at a Time
Coffin, D.

High-Quality Cereal Rye Silage as a Forage Alternative for Lactating Dairy Cows
Caputo Oliveira, R.; Shaver, R.; Shelley, K.; Binversie, L.; Johnson, H.; Akins, M.

Late-Planting of Annual Ryegrass in the Upper Transition Zone of Alabama
Marks, M. L.; Stanford, M.K.; Mullenix, M.K.; Kriese-Anderson, L.A.; Bloodworth, J.; McElmoyl, C.

Learning and Research Beyond the Fence
Hutchinson, M.; Martineau, E

Market Assessment for Value-Added Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Sales at a Farmers Market
Bramwell, S. G.; Debien, S.

Marketing Locally-Grown Fish to Restaurants: Results from Kentucky and Ohio
Bryant, R.C.; Dasgupta, S.; Wright, A.; Caporelli, A.; Tiu, L.

Multi-modal Approach to Promote Best Management Practices in New Jersey Vineyards.
Gohil, H.; Pavlis, G.; Ward, D.; Oudemans, P.

Preparing Agritourism and Direct Marketing Operations for Emergencies
Jepsen, S. D.; Barrett, E. E.

Results of a Needs Assessment of Urban Farmers in Maryland
Little, N. G.; McCoy, T.; Wang, C; Dill, S. P.

Small Farm Food Marketing in Southern Nevada: Where Are the Roadside Stands?
Bishop, C. ; Gatzke, H.

Soil Moisture Meters Influence Landscape Water Use
Muntz, H. E.; Walker, A.; Gunnell, J.

Summer Stockpiling: A Systems Approach to Extending Grazing
Benner, J. K.; Booher, M.R.; Clark, R.A. ; Fiske, D.

Understanding Soil Compaction: A Program for Master Gardeners
Yergeau, S.

Using Crop Water Demand-Based Irrigation Scheduling to Improve Cabbage Irrigation Management in Georgia
da Silva, A.L.B.R.; Krupek, F.S.; Coolong, T.; Carlson, D. S.; Gay, W.; Shealey, J.

Utah Agricultural 4-H College and Career Readiness Model
Dallin, J.; Romney, K.