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Volume 10, Issue 2 - December, 2017

Editor: Lee Stivers
An Assessment of Whole Farm Nutrient Balance on Mid-Atlantic Horse Farms
Swinker, A. ; Kniffen, D. M.; Harper, M. T.

Annie’s Project Farm and Ranch Business Management Course for Women Created Positive Impacts in 14 States
Schultz, M. M.; Hyde, C. J. ; de la Mora, A., Ph.D. ; Eggers, T. R. ; Leibold, K. L.

Effects of High Tunnel and Tile Drainage on the Yield and Ripening Time of Mature Northern Highbush Blueberries in Ohio
Gao, G. Y.; Zhou, L.; Harker, T.; Lewis, W.; Slaughter, M.R.; Islam, K.R.; Xia, Y.; Worley, C.T.

Establishing Cooperative Extension Directions for Arizona Beef Producer Programs
Wright, A. D.; Greene, E. A.; Faulkner, D. B.

Evaluating Local and Distance Delivery on the Kenai Peninsula
Matney, C.A.

Identifying Equine-Related Cooperative Extension Program Priorities in Arizona via a Statewide Survey
Greene, E.A. ; Wright, A.D.

Impact of Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training (FACT) Programs on Producer Perceptions and Practices in Ohio
Griffith, M. ; Schoenhals, J.; Douridas, A.; Lentz, E.; Rose, M.

Improving the scientific literacy of university volunteers who work with adult audiences
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Daniels, C.H.

On-Farm Plot Results from Sidedressing Corn with Liquid Livestock Manure Using a Tanker
Arnold, G. ; Richer, E.; Custer, S.; Noggle, S.; Stachler, J.

Prevalence of Genetic Defects in Market Show Hogs in Utah
Dallin, J. ; Heaton, K. ; Greenhalgh, L.; Perkins, D.

The Effects of Soil Conservation Practices on Selected Soil Health Indicators
Sundermeier, A.

Timing Mechanical Weed Control in Pastures
Landefeld, M. A.; Penrose, C.D.; McCutcheon, J.S.; Wiseman, T.

Using Microbial Inoculants to Improve Fermentation and Nutritive Value of Annual Ryegrass Baleage
Lemus, R. ; Rivera, J.D.; White. J.A.