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Volume 11, Issue 2 - December, 2018

Editor: Lee Stivers
A Comparison of Two Years of E. Coli (Escherichia coli) Samples on Utah's Fremont River
Wilde, T.

A Way to Approach Farmer Consultations: Guiding Farmers to Their Own Solutions
Forstadt, L.A.; Jackson, T.L.; Sadauckas, A.

Are Infusions from Aquatic Invasive Plants More Attractive to Egg-laying Mosquitoes than Infusions from Native Plants?
Rector-Woods, P. ; Nitzsche, P.J.; Mangiafico, S.S.; Rosellini, M.; Ross, D.

Canola and Calves: An Integrated Crop-Livestock Farming System for Producing Canola and Stocker Cattle in the Southeast
Ingram, S.; Dillard, L.; Hancock, D.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

Comparing Broadcast and Conventional Drill Methods for Seeding Winter Wheat
Hines, S.

Conventionally or Organically Grown Peaches: What a Farmers Market Taste Test Tells Us
Olsen, S. ; Wagner, K.

Current Issues of Highbush Blueberry Producers with Pick-Your-Own Operations in the Northeastern United States
Boone, D. A; Gould, B. T. ; Boone Jr., H. N. ; Woloshuk, J. M.; Blythe, J. M.

Development of the Rutgers On-Farm Food Safety Team
Melendez, M. V.; Kline, W.; Matthews, J.

Ecologically Focused Forest Management Programing for Non-Industrial Private Forest Landowners
Warren, W. A.

Evaluation of a Vertical Garden Education Program
Yergeau, S. ; Emhardt-Servidio, S.; Pellien, T.; Greene, A.

Extension Education Enhances Knowledge and Use of Nursery Plant Production BMPS
Yeager, T. ; Campoverde, E.; Felter, L.; Gazula, A.; Glenn, M.; Harlow, E.; Hinton, J.; Holmes, D.; Lollar, M.; McAvoy, C.; Popenoe, J.; Skvarch, E.; Steed, S.; Wiggins, Z.

Fecal Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) and the Nutrition Balance Analyzer (NUTBAL) Case Study in South Dakota
Harty, A. A.; Olson, K.C.

Floriculture College of Knowledge Online Course Series: Demographics and Impact
Lindberg, H. M.; Cloyd, R. A. ; Runkle, E.S.

Garden Myth Busting for Extension Educators: Reviewing the Literature on Landscape Trees
Chalker-Scott, L. ; Downer, A.J.

Incorporating Evaluation into Program Development Processes for Women in Ag Conferences
Schultz, M. M.; Hyde, C.J. ; de la Mora, A.

Learning the Importance of Livestock Quality Assurance Through Hands-on Training
Small, M. ; Findlay, R.; Nash, S.

Sidedressing Emerged Corn with Liquid Swine Manure Using a Drag Hose
Arnold, G. ; Custer, S.; Richer, E.

Southern Women in Agriculture: Women Teaching Women Hands-on, Practical Farming Practices.
Knight, C.; Ray, L.; Sapp, P.; Butcher, S.; Hammond, K.; Cheely, T.; Tucker, J.; Stewart, R.L., Jr.

The Impacts of Improving a County Based Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic
Barrett, E. E.

Using Sticky Traps to Control Flea Beetles on Two Ohio Urban Farms
Jasinski, J. ; Kowalski, J.

Utilizing American Indian Traditional Foods and Language to Increase Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Nevada’s Rural Elementary School Population
Emm, S. ; Harris, J.; Bishop, C.

Why Aren't Calf Management Records Kept by More Beef Producers?
Raper, Kellie Curry; Doye, Damona; Derrell Peel