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Volume 11, Issue 1 - June, 2018

Editor: Lee Stivers
A Survey Of Maine’s Wild and Cultivated Elderberries for Tomato Ringspot Virus
Jackson, T. L.

Activities to Determine Interest in Master Floral Designer Certification Programming
DelPrince, J. ; Knight, P.

Addressing Soil Acidity on Nez Perce Tribe Agricultural Lands
Finkelnburg, D.C.; Schroeder, K.L.

Application of Rejuvenation Pruning in Mature Rabbiteye Blueberries (Vaccinium ashei)
Randle, A.

Challenges Perceived by West Virginia University Extension Agents
Boone, D. A; Boone Jr., H. N.; Smith, C. N.; Woloshuk, J. M.

Effect Of Undergraduate Participation In An Equine-Focused Organization On Employment Expectations
Walker, N. ; Cater, M.; Leatherwood, J.

Effectiveness of On-farm Classes for Addressing Farmer Training and Farmer Networking Needs
Bramwell, S. G.

Effects of a Urea Based Hay Injection Treatment on Beef Cow Hay Intake and Forage Quality
Rivera, J.D.; Lemus, R.; White, J.A.

Exploring the Potential Benefit of an Equine Riding Program for Veterans and Their Families
Hoopes, K. ; Schultz, J.

Measuring Extension's Impact on Commercial Poultry Production
Rhodes, J. L.; Moyle, J. R.; Dill, S. P.; McCoy, T.; Tablante, N. L.; Wang, C.

The Gardener's Almanac - Timely Tips for the Yard and Garden
Gunnell, J. ; Goodspeed, J.L.; Whitesides; Pace, M.

Using Copper Oxide Wire Particles to Control Barber Pole Worm Infection in Meat Goat Bucks
Schoenian, S. ; O'Brien, D. ; Semler, J.; Gordon, D.; Bennett, M.

Whole-Farm Planning Models for Assessing Inter-Generational Transition
Rosburg, B.; Griffin, T.W.

Year-round Control of Russian Olive Using the Cut-Stump Treatment
Patterson, R. K.; Worwood, D. R.; Price, S.